Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari
Wildlife Safari

On this tour Vision Walks – Eco Tours visit three different habitats (eucalypt forest, rainforest and grassland), to see Aussies wildlife where they live. We guarantee that you’ll see; koala, kangaroo, wallaby, flying fox and birds. We may see pademelon, echidna, tawny frogmouth, water dragons, depending on the weather. Includes a locally sourced picnic in the rainforest.

The typical mammal sightings are: 3-6 koalas, 20-30 eastern grey kangaroos, 100’s of grey headed and black flying fox, 2-6 red necked wallaby, 1-4 red-legged pademelon. Plus any number of birds such as: purple swamp hen, dusky moorhen, coot, wood duck, pacific black duck, ibis, spoonbill, egret (various species), rainbow lorikeet, scaly breasted lorikeet, kookaburra, eastern yellow robin, scrub wrens, noisy pitta, magpies, willie wagtails, currawong.

As we have to visit the wildlife where they live, there is some driving involved with this tour, which includes a 45 min drive at the start, 1 hour drive at the end and short drives with walks in-between.

  • Tour days: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Pickups: You will be picked up from your accommodation in Byron Bay. There is a surcharge for other pickups.
    • Pick Up Point:Byron Bay 9:30-16:00
  • How much?
    • Adults$145 |Conc (ISIC/pens) $135 |Child (10-17yo)$110 |Family (2Ads/2kids)$440
  • Includes:
    • Lunch, locally sourced picnic lunch
    • Experienced Guide
    • Transfers
    • Park Fees
  • What to bring
    • Wear a pair of sturdy covered shoes. Thongs and sandals are NOT acceptable.
    • Bring a raincoat (if you have one, we have ones you can borrow).
    • Bring water (600ml should be enough).
    • Hat
    • Camera


Vision Walks - Eco Tours
Vision Walks – Eco Tours

Why choose Vision Walks – Eco Tours

Vision Walks have been providing eco-tours that allow you to connect with the natural environment no matter what your age or abilities for the past 10 years.

All their local guides are qualified Park Rangers and provide unique insights to local natural and human history. Travel in their luxury 8 seat, 4WD vehicle, with comfy seats, air conditioning, video, sunroofs, easy to get in and out of. They are a licenced commercial operator in NSW National Parks LIC18/89.

Book Online or call +61405275743

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